NailKALM® Cosmetic Nail Reconstruction

Bring your feet back to life with nailKALM® and enjoy younger, more healthier appearing toenails and feet.

This effective anti-fungal agent, is clinically proven to provide effective treatment and restoration of damaged unsightly toenails prone to fungal infections.

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Other Unique Benefits to Nailkalm


NailKALM® is not just an effective anti-fungal agent, it is THE only treatment we recommend for all ages, sensitivities and pregnancies, with consistent and highly successful clinical solutions for reducing damaged or infected toenails

NailKALM® has also skin repair capabilities – it accelerates regeneration of keratinocytes. AMYCOT® is the active ingredient in NailKALM®.

It’s a powerful natural ingredient derived from Arthrospira maxima (Spirulina), a naturally occurring micro algae (cyanobacterium). The biosource of this product has its origin in one of the earliest forms of plant life on our planet earth. It is a microscopic, water borne, single cell plant that has been used for centuries as a highly nutritious source of food containing very high levels of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants.

The antifungal activity of AMYCOT® is due to a putative enzymatic action that destroys the chitin/chitosan polymers found in the fungal cell wall. Damage to the polymers causes the fungal walls to collapse, eventually killing the fungus.

Tests have shown NailKALM® stimulate the growth of the skin derived cells such as keratinocytes thus, enhancing skin, nail and hair growth. NailKALM® products are naturally derived, and non-sensitising.

As AMYCOT® is a plant based product there may be changes in colour and smellfrom batch to batch. This is caused by changes in the climatic conditions during the growing period. Also, should you notice that a clear liquid appears at the top of the flask, do not be concerned, the plant material absorbs water during processing and sometimes releases some of this later. If this does occur, give the tube or bottle a vigorous shake.

Information for Pregnant & Lactating Women, Babies & Children

Although there have been no specific trials with pregnant mothers to date, there have been no reported toxicity during our clinical trials in humans and whatsoever whilst using nailKALM® until this day. The bio-active ingredient used in nailKALM® (AMYCOT®) is 100% organic and natural, and is made from Spirulina, a microorganism, which is a popular health food and has been consumed around the world for centuries.