About us

Heal & Soul was established June 2006 by Simone Leembruggen who first names the clinic, Manifold Podiatry Clinic.

Many years later, the original service is still the same in terms of standards of care. Simone will never compromise on quality care and always offering the best option, not the easiest or the cheapest.

Heal and Soul Health is an Allied Health Service and Store specialising in Podiatry and lower limb management along with assessment and management of complex and chronic health issues. We are located within a fully inclusive and accessible  location on Shannon Ave, Geelong West while also offering home based services depending on your requirement.

A range of Enteral, Nutrition, Support devices and consumables are also available to browse and purchase..

We have flexible and convenient payment options to give you the best, easiest experience  possible. We know you have enough to deal with and aim to provide relief to our clients, not another task. 

Vision, Mission & Values