Our Vision

Heal and Soul Podiatry and Fair-Go Support Services will be recognized as a trusted and preferred provider of quality Podiatry, Holistic and Disability support services throughout the Greater Geelong region and beyond

Our Mission

To provide ethical, high quality, services and support to all people that we work with.

We understand exactly what it means to have a disability in our society and strive to help as many people as we can, to get the care, service and supports they need and deserve.

To be fully inclusive to people of LGTBIQ+ , CALD, Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders and anyone wanting to be a part of our service.

We believe all people have the same rights even if they are unable to speak up for themselves and we place great importance on getting to know how a person sees the world so that we can support them in the best way they need and that makes them feel heard, cared for and valued.

Heal & Soul Podiatry and Fair-Go Support Services are committed to the principles of social justice and aims to ensure that every individual is treated with dignity and respect regardless of their ability, cultural background, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or religion.

Our Values

Our values promote positivity, balance, healthiness, and happiness within the individual’s life as well as those around them.

Compassion means we value everyone’s experience of life. We take the time to listen to try to understand another. We aim for clear direct communication with sensitivity towards other’s needs, choices and experiences.

Kindness means we make allowances when people act out assuming they are having a tough day and to assist in easing uncomfortable emotions. We see this have a healing effect. A moment of visibility in a busy world.

Integrity means we are guided by our innate will to live by our word- we uphold honesty, authenticity and transparency adhering to principles of professionalism.

Responsibility means we are accountable for our actions – we perform duties, tasks or roles using sound professional judgement and confident in whatever outcome occurs during our best practice.